June 12, 2024

Something exciting happened this week – I discovered a clever new fintech bank statement converter app called Rocket Statements from a finance friend of mine, that has totally changed how I manage my small business finances! 

As a Swiss entrepreneur with a small business in the United States, I used to dread tackling my company’s financial records. Managing finances across borders has always been a headache, but keeping digital records organized and preparing everything for my American CPA was an absolute nightmare! That changed when I discovered Rocket Statements, which has simplified my cross-continental business finances beyond what I imagined was possible. Let me tell you how.

Previously, I wasted far too many hours downloading PDF bank statements from my business’s Bank of America account, attempting to convert them into readable formats, and trying not to lose my mind keeping it all organized. Converting the pdf bank statements to csv formats was always a nightmare with the unreliable apps I found online. My system was a mess of folders and files with incomprehensible names that only made sense at 2am when I was trying desperately to reconcile things before a deadline. I constantly lived in fear of the IRS deciding to audit!

When tax time came, I wanted to tear my hair out gathering months of scattered records and re-formatting everything for my CPA in California. Despite my best efforts, she would invariably request additional reports or clarification on things I had likely botched in my exhausted stupor. I couldn’t keep relying on accounting software because entering every single transaction manually was unrealistic. I desperately needed help!!! I’m not even being dramatic, haha!

That’s when I stumbled upon Rocket Statements and wondered if this could be the solution to my international accounting woes. After uploading my Bank of America small business account statements, I watched in awe as Rocket Statements automatically converted downloaded PDF statements into clearly organized Excel spreadsheets. Every date, amount, and transaction type was there in perfect order, without me typing a thing! The relief of having comprehensible financial records with a few clicks was incredible. As I explored Rocket Statements’ features, I realized it offered everything I needed to effortlessly manage my US finances from abroad. 

Come tax preparation, I confidently sent my CPA the precise reports she needed, with no clarifications required. For the first time, I felt in control of my business finances across continents. I could answer her questions without hesitation, thanks to Rocket Statements’ transaction details being easily accessible. She was thoroughly impressed by how audit-ready my books were!

I also enjoy the fact that they take privacy pretty seriously. It was a really important factor to get me hooked on using any financial app. The conversion also was pretty smooth imo. I really love the amazing UX, although I do wish there was a light mode on. Websites with only dark mode can be such a turn-off,, but given that this task saved me at least twenty-four hours, I might make an exception.

The reality is, I don’t have time for disorganization, confusion, and international accounting headaches as an entrepreneur. I need tools that simplify complex processes so I can focus on growing my business. For any small business owner managing finances in multiple countries, Rocket Statements is a must-have solution! It has been an invaluable investment and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs worldwide.

No more chaotic record keeping, frustrating tax preparation, or wasted hours for this business owner, thanks to Rocket Statements. I sincerely wish I had discovered it sooner! If you dread accounting like I used to, do yourself a favor and let this clever app alleviate your international finance headaches once and for all. I know a lot of my readers are international entrepreneurs like me too, and I promise your future self will thank you.

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